"I am so grateful to the Universe for meeting Malaika.  Her guidance enabled me to kindle a profound relationship with my Higher Self.  In the end, I've deeply reaffirmed my life's passion and am back on the true path to self-fulfillment." -Carolyn Goodridge, Artist

"The moment I began working with Malaika I felt the positivity flow from her to me. I never realized how much my desires and spirit were shrinking; with her teachings I blossomed. After various activities and sections I started to see through the murkiness pit my life had become. Also, the contacts I received from Malaika helped my career immensely. If you are looking for a life coach stop your search and use Malaika."  -Nicole, Graduate Student

"Through her compassion, grace, and humor Malaika helped me transform my feelings of helplessness into ones of self-empowerment and love. My life is filled with much more hope and joy because our work together." - Julia, Teacher and Graduate Student

“The guidance and assistance I received from Malaika was priceless. She helped me to find my way back to that deep, inner well of wisdom, and to listen to and trust my intuitions. There is a saying along the lines of "feed a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life." Thank you Malaika, for "teaching me how to fish. All good things," -Melanie

"When I started working with Malaika, I felt burned out and stuck in my job.  Her compassion and encouragement gave me the confidence to explore other options.  Together, we came up with a strategy and I left my job in 2011 to pursue my passion as a relationship coach. Now I have a fulfilling career helping singles find love.  Malaika not only helped me change the way I look at things, she helped me change my life! I can’t thank you enough Malaika!"

- Renee Duren, Atlanta, GA

"Malaika is a perceptive, intuitive and gentle multi-modality healer that led me to explore deeper realms within. She opened me to more expansive possibilities for my life. She listens carefully and develops  trust so that optimum healing, rejuvenation and growth blossoms within and without."

- Sarah, Educator

"Malaika is one of the most patient and empathetic people I have ever met. She has a presence and peacefulness that radiates and creates an atmosphere of trust and forgiveness. I appreciate the guided meditations and long talks we have had. Even though all our sessions have been experienced over the telephone, I was lifted and strengthened, Asé."

- Ricwas, Artist

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